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Unleashing Infinite Creativity: The ’83 til Infinity Art Exhibit Unveiled 

August 16, 2023

The Ottawa Art Gallery has always been a hub for artistic expression, showcasing a diverse range of exhibits that captivate and inspire visitors. The ’83 til Infinity exhibit is no exception. This immersive and thought-provoking display celebrates the fusion of art and hip-hop culture within the Ottawa-Gatineau community.  

Captivating Visuals 

Stepping into the ’83 til Infinity exhibit, you are transported into a kaleidoscope of vibrant colours and striking imagery. The gallery walls are adorned with mesmerizing graffiti, intricate murals, inspiring fashion pieces and captivating posters and portraits of hip-hop icons that showcase the energy, passion and raw emotions that define the hip-hop movement. 

Exploring Hip-Hop’s Roots 

The exhibit goes beyond the visuals and delves into the deep and rich history of hip-hop. Be prepared to be taken on a journey through time.  

The exhibit starts with Canadian Floor Masters (CFM), founded by the Ottawa B-Boys Buddha and Kid Quick in 1983. The CFM gained international traction by winning dance-offs, appearing on MuchMusic, and collaborating with established graffiti artists locally and internationally.   

From there, venture off into the 90’s and explore the rise of hip-hop radio shows. Organized Rhyme featuring Greg “DJ Pin” Campbell, Geordie “DJ Signal” Ferguson and Tom “MC Bones” Green hosted The Rap Show on the University of Ottawa’s campus radio station, CHUO 89.1 FM. Additionally, in 1991 the Juno Awards added rap as a category in their awards.  

By 2003, the first House of PainT (HoP) festival took place showcasing the five pillars of hip-hop:, breaking, emceeing, DJ-ing, graffiti and knowledge. This also launched a celebration of successful advocacy for Ottawa’s first legal graffiti wall by HoP and allies.  

Kevin Bourne and Joe Mebrahtu founded SHIFTER in August 2013. It originally served as a digital magazine platform dedicated to showcasing the talent all around Ottawa. Jumping to the present day, SHIFTER has grown to become a national media outlet for Black music, film, television, sports and fashion and telling the stories of Black/BIPOC individuals.  

All these decades can be explored further through the interactive displays, informative panels, and audio installations that can be seen throughout the exhibit. 

Spotlight on Local Talent 

The Ottawa Art Gallery (OAG) has always been a platform for local artists to shine and the ’83 til Infinity exhibit is no exception. The exhibit features a curated selection of works by talented Ottawa-based artists who have made significant contributions to the city’s hip-hop scene. This focus on local talent adds a unique flavour to the exhibit by celebrating the creativity that thrives in Ottawa’s backyard. 

The ’83 til Infinity exhibit at the Ottawa Art Gallery (OAG) is a testament to the endless nature of creativity and its ability to transcend cultural boundaries. Immerse yourself in the exhibit through captivating visuals, interactive installations and a focus on local talent. The exhibit immerses visitors in the rich tapestry of hip-hop culture and establishes itself as a must-see for art enthusiasts, history buffs and hip-hop fans by embracing the past and celebrating the present. Embark on this extraordinary artistic journey and experience the magic of ’83 til Infinity until February 18th, 2024.  

📍 50 Mackenzie King Bridge 

⏰ Thursday-Saturday 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM 

⏰ Sunday-Wednesday 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM 

⏰ Monday CLOSED 

📞 613-233-8699  

🎟️ Free Admission  

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