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Rideau Spotlight: Pixie Woo

April 26, 2024

Here in Ottawa’s Original Downtown, we’re proud to be able to host a wide variety of businesses that represent many different walks of life. We’ve written about Chef Ric Allen-Watson and his inspirational story of how food insecurity motivated him to ensure that no one in the nation’s capital goes hungry. And on Halloween, we sat down with the owner of Witch Chest and her store’s specialization in all things related to witchcraft!

Like Witch Chest, businesses that are owned and run by women are an essential component of the uniqueness and vibrancy of Ottawa’s Original Downtown. Everyone has something to gain when women lead the charge in entrepreneurship. This is why we consider ourselves to be extremely fortunate to have had the privilege of welcoming Pixie Woo to the CF Rideau Centre! This retail outlet is the result of a vision that owner Joanie Dargis had in 2020 of a store by women and for women that sold “fashion-forward, eco-friendly and diverse hair accessories.” Read on to discover how that vision became real!

Pixie Woo’s CEO Joanie Dargis strikes a pose in the latest addition to her roster of stores.

Solutions for the Hairiest Situations

Many women are all too familiar with the challenges that come with finding hair care products that attend to their specific needs. There are many types of hair styles, lengths and textures that each present their own unique problems. Jointly, many conventional hair products are ill-equipped to reckon with those problems.

“It is more difficult than one would think,” store manager Mackenzie Albert explains. “Your typical hair elastic will break if the hair is too thick, or pull out hair every time you try to remove it. Furthermore, the hair accessories that have been on the market for years have only ever come in one size.”

“You wouldn’t expect one size of jeans to fit every body type,” she contests, “so why should we assume that one size of clip would fit different hair types?”

Enter Pixie Woo and their extensive selection of top-quality hair clips. Their clips are designed with women’s needs in mind; no matter how thick or thin your hair is, how straight or curly it might be, there’s a Pixie Woo clip that will fit your needs (and your hair) snugly and securely. This is largely due in part to the cellulose acetate compound that they’re made from. The mixture of cotton fiber and wood pulp gives the clips the flexibility they need to mold and shape themselves to fit your hair while remaining durable enough that you won’t have to constantly replace them due to breaking.

Manufactured from cellulose acetate, Pixie Woo’s hair clips combine eco-consciousness, craftsmanship and style together in an irresistible package at a fair price.

As Elegant as They Are Ecological

Shoppers at Pixie Woo can also take pride in knowing that the products they purchase are both eco- and conscience-friendly. Because of its naturally sourced origins, the cellulose acetate compound used in the clips is fully biodegradable, and all their hair care products are cruelty-free and packaged in recyclable materials.

“We work closely with our agents to ensure the manufacturers follow ethical policies and procedures as quality, sustainability and fair treatment of workers are top priorities,” Mackenzie explains. “We do extensive research on production, procedures, and materials before any collaboration with another company. It’s important for us to not only use ethical and sustainable practices but for the companies we promote and sell to do so as well.”

Pixie Woo’s dedication to customer satisfaction extends beyond the products themselves and into the experience of shopping at the store as well. As a commitment to the products in their store and the people that buy them, Pixie Woo offers patrons a 6-month warranty on all products to ensure that any defective clips will be replaced as needed at no extra charge.

The store is always attentive to their customer base’s ever-evolving needs as well. Can’t find a clip in a specific colour or size that you’re looking for? Tell the staff! They’re more than willing to do everything in their power to procure exactly what you’re looking for. “Pixie Woo would not be what it is today without the continuous support from our clients,” Mackenzie says, “and we want to make sure that they get the best possible experience from both online and in-store purchases.”

“Listening and responding to feedback from our customers is something we strive to do on a daily basis.”

Every product on the shelves at Pixie Woo is researched rigorously to ensure that they comply with the store’s strict standards for eco-friendliness and ethics.

Blazing a New Path for Women Everywhere

Pixie Woo’s expansion to the Rideau Centre marks the store’s first appearance outside of its native province of Québec since CEO Joanie Dargis launched her store online in 2020. When searching for her next place to expand, Joanie sought a place that was both familiar to her and ideal for business purposes, and she found it in Ottawa’s Original Downtown.

“Joanie would frequently drive down to come shop around the Byward Market and the Rideau Centre,” Mackenzie says. “Since this was one of her favourite places to visit when coming to Ottawa, she wanted her first store outside of Québec to be located there. The experience so far has been amazing!” With the store’s success thus far, Pixie Woo is hard at work expanding their line of products and growing their customer base here in Ottawa.

Being a store that is owned and operated by women, the addition of Pixie Woo to the Rideau Centre’s extensive selection of retailers represents something more than just a new place to get hair accessories. Joanie and her staff are driven by the desire to set an example for any and all women who aspire to become entrepreneurs themselves and buck many of the trends that have existed, and continue to exist, in business ownership.

“Having stores like Pixie Woo not only shows society as a whole that women are fully capable of success in entrepreneurship, but it also gives the unique opportunity to showcase other women-owned brands that may not have had the same opportunities,” Mackenzie asserts.

“We want to shine the spotlight on these female-owned companies to not only change the viewpoint of women in business but to also encourage all women who have an interest and passion for entrepreneurship to follow through with it because it is possible to succeed.”

Available in store, the Discovery Box allows patrons to take home a selected assortment of Pixie Woo products at a discounted price!

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