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Meet Kyle Moon, One of Your Performers for City Sounds Live in Ogilvy Square!

June 14, 2024

With the arrival of the hot summer weather in Ottawa’s Original Downtown, music lovers can also anticipate the return of one of the newest and most highly anticipated summer traditions on Rideau Street! City Sounds Live is back and will be orchestrating a series of live performances in Ogilvy Square throughout the summer, showcasing some of the most exciting talent that’s making waves in the nation’s capital. Located in the heart of the downtown core, right between JOEY Rideau and Clocktower Brew Pub, the Square is the perfect place to sit down for a meal on the patio with family and friends while taking in the music and unbeatable ambiance of Rideau. And best of all? The concerts are completely FREE!

The first City Sounds Live concert will be taking place on June 21st and among the performers on stage that evening will be Kyle Moon! Kyle is a familiar face to many in the Ottawa music scene, including the many tourists who flock to ByWard Market Building year-round and hear him busking. But for those who have not yet had the privilege of familiarizing themselves with his work, we had the opportunity to sit down with Kyle and learn about his musical journey thus far.

From Small Town Ontario to the Nation’s Capital

Originally from Dryden, Ontario, Kyle arrived in the nation’s capital to pursue the Music Industry Arts program at Algonquin College in 2010. His interest in music began much earlier, however, having begun playing the piano as a young kid. “I always loved seeing people tickle the ivories when I was young,” he recalls.

At that time, music was largely a solitary endeavour for him due to his nervousness about jamming with other artists and performing in front of crowds. That all changed when he was encouraged to collaborate with a high school friend who had experienced their own success as a musician. “He was kind of rubbing it in my face,” Kyle remembers, “and I figured that I should at least try it!”

Kyle Moon has been playing music for roughly 20 years, having put on more performances in that span of time than one could count. (Image: Emily Janek)

From there, he began taking a keen interest in the art of live performance and made the switch from piano to guitar, picking up an acoustic for the first time when he was 14. He spent a lot of time learning and playing his favourite punk rock songs, often times as a solo effort in order to circumvent the issue of flighty bandmates. Eventually, he took to writing and recording some of his own material under the name “The Rocky Moon,” releasing an EP in 2020.

Since then, Kyle has retired the Rocky Moon project, playing a final farewell show in 2022. But his love for music has not wavered as he has continued to perform and compose under the alias Tad Simon as well as his given name. You can often find Kyle busking in George Street Plaza in front of the ByWard Market Building, where visitors of the Market will often sit at a table to hear him perform while enjoying a sweet treat on a hot summer day or a meal at The Grand or The Aulde Dubliner.

Meeting Everyone At Least Once

For Kyle, the opportunity to perform at City Sounds Live this month is a stark change from what he’s used to while busking. “Busking is a lot different than playing on stage,” he explains, “since you’re usually playing more popular songs that people recognize rather than doing original stuff.” This isn’t to say that busking isn’t fun for him, however, as he’ll sometimes witness audience members slow-dance to softer songs or clap along to the beat. “You get to meet everyone at least once,” he’ll often say.

But the stage gives him the confidence to open up to the audience and offer his true thoughts and feelings through his original material. “A lot of my songs are about mental health,” he says, “and I find that a lot of them tend to still be upbeat while also sometimes dealing with negative emotions.”

This will be the first time that Kyle has been featured on a performance bill in quite some time. Although he’s consistently been performing at open mic nights around Ottawa, the last time he was featured on a bill was at his retirement show for Rocky Moon. In that time, Kyle has continued to work on new material and is excited to share his work with his audience in Ogilvy Square!

Kyle is as much a fixture of the Market as the plaza in which he performs. (Image: Spotlight Ottawa )

In the future, Kyle hopes to get back on the road and perform his music for audiences outside of Ottawa. Previously, he had embarked on a tour throughout the maritime provinces that saw him take the stage in cities across Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. Now, he hopes that his next tour will see him perform in Western Canada and maybe even the United States.

Fortunately, you don’t have to travel that far in order to witness Kyle’s talents for yourself! You can catch his performance on June 21st in Ogilvy Square, where he will perform alongside Aurora Jade as part of this summer’s first iteration of City Sounds Live. Mark your calendars and make sure to schedule a night out for you and your friends in Ottawa’s Original Downtown and witness Kyle’s musical prowess for yourself!

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