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Four Reasons Gamers Need to Fast Travel to Level One Game Pub in Ottawa’s Original Downtown

July 8, 2023

If you’re hoping to commemorate National Video Game Day on July 8th with a fun night of video and board games among friends, look no further!  Level One Game Pub has everything you need to level up your evening with great food, refreshing drinks and over a thousand video games to choose from. Let’s unlock some of the secrets that you can find at this outstanding venue! 

Located at 14 Waller Street, Level One is nestled in the heart of Ottawa’s Original Downtown.

Hunger Stat Reduced by 100%

Level One has an extensive selection of fine eats and sweet treats to indulge in. You can start your evening off with any of their amazing appetizers. Perogy lovers will feel spoiled as they choose from one of three different offerings including Cajun, cheesy BBQ and pickle perogies.

From there, a wide selection of entrées are available such as house-chipped fries, gourmet nachos and salads. Finally, if you feel like having something sweet at the end of the night, try Level One’s house-made soft gummy candy. And don’t worry – vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are available for all courses! 

A bowl of gummy candy.
Level One’s gummy candy is a delicious treat to share with friends while playing your favourite games!

Potions and Elixirs for Sale

Like Mario needs Luigi, everyone needs the perfect drink to accompany a delicious entrée! Level One Game Pub has you covered with as many different drink selections are there are stars in the Mushroom Kingdom. Several craft beers are available on tap, including local favourites from Broadhead and Dominion City Brewing Company. Cocktails include “Vanellopeach Von Schweetz” (vodka, peach schnapps, raspberry sour puss etc.) and “Cherry Bob-omb” (gin, triple sec, cherry simple etc.) with new additions regularly competing for a permanent spot on the menu via fan vote. Non-alcoholic options such as specialty coffees are also available. 

A cocktail served at Level One Game Pub.
Be sure to try out any of the delicious drinks on Level One’s cocktail menu!

Press Start

All your games are belong to us! Level One Game Pub boasts an incredible of selection of 1000+ video games as well as 1300+ board games so that no two evenings at the pub are the same! For just $8, you and your friends can Stay & Play for as long as you like! (Some restrictions apply.)

Enjoy your favourite game from classic consoles like the NES and Super Nintendo or try out the latest releases on the PlayStation 5. Feel like playing a board game instead but not sure what to pick? No problem! The Game Wizards are at your service to help your group pick a game and explain the rules to newcomers. 

An assortment of games at Level One Game Pub
From platformers to puzzle games, there’s something for everyone at Level One!

New Quest Unlocked

Can’t make it for National Video Game Day? Don’t worry; there’s no shortage of exciting events taking place at Level One Game Pub on a regular basis. Mondays are Geek Trivia nights where participants register with a team and test their might in a battle of useless information. If you’re a fan of fighting games, be sure to drop by for T.K.O. Tuesdays and duke it out over some Street Fighter or Guilty Gear. And board game fans are sure to enjoy Dungeons & Dragons night every Thursday evening at 6:00. (Dungeon Masters are in short supply – apply now!) 

Visit Level One’s website and book a table for you and your friends today! Gaming newcomers and seasoned veterans alike will find that there’s no need to search for the perfect gaming haven in another castle when it already exists in Ottawa’s Original Downtown. You can also visit our blog to learn about more hidden gems and cool spots hidden in the Rideau area!