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Everything You Need to Know About the Ottawa’s Children Festival

April 16, 2024

Every year, Ottawa’s Children Festival hosts a five-day celebration where kids and families can enjoy extravagant theatre shows, dance and music.

As one of the only children’s festivals in all of Ontario, the Ottawa Children’s Festival is sure to wow kids of all ages. Having been around for over three decades, the Ottawa Children’s Festival gives kids and families an experience that will allow them to meet new people and experience new things.  

This year, the Ottawa Children’s Festival offers an extravaganza of fun dance activities, musical performances, and spectacular theatre performances. Some of these events are out of this world, but they also feature performers and artists from around the world, giving children and families something new to learn and discover.

Throughout the multi-day festivities, we are ecstatic that the Ottawa Children’s Festival will have performances at the Arts Court in Ottawa’s Original Downtown, and these events you are sure not to miss out on. 

Robot Song, Australia

From Australia follow Juniper and her parents as they learn that life is not always predictable, rigid, or consistent, no matter how hard we try. Unexpected outcomes are difficult but with the help of her parents, robot, and song, everything will turn out just fine. There is also a life-size robot that is sure to enthrall your little ones.

Sonia, and Alfred, Italy

From Italy, join Shy Alfred and Carefree Sonia to show the audience how rewarding stepping out of your comfort zone can be. The great joy of finding a new home, a new friend or even learning something new about yourself. Growing up and experiencing new things can be scary, but with your loved ones by your side, you can face any challenge.

📍 2 Daly Avenue (Arts Court)

📅 May 10 to May 14, 2024


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