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Everything You Need to Know about Festival Franco-Ontarien

June 2, 2024

Welcome to Ottawa’s Original Downtown, where Rideau Street is lined with world-class shopping and dining from end to end, where some of the best hotels in the city make their home and where incredible live entertainment is taking place year-round! This summer, there will be no shortage of awesome cultural events happening in the area including the concerts at the National Arts Centre, exhibitions at the Ottawa Art Gallery and the Ottawa Jazz Festival in Confederation Park, just to name a few.

One such event is the 48th edition of Festival Franco-Ontarien! With a full lineup of internationally renowned artists, this is a can’t-miss event for lovers of all things related to French culture throughout the area. Read on to discover some of the outstanding artists and fun activities at the festival this year!

Festival Franco-Ontarien is a massive musical celebration of all things related to French culture. (Image: Festival Franco-Ontarien)

What is Festival Franco-Ontarien?

For almost 50 years, the Festival Franco-Ontarien has served as an opportunity to showcase the exceptional talent that originates from French-speaking parts of the world and celebrate French culture. Numerous world-famous acts have graced the stage of the FFO over the course of its history, including long-standing French cultural icons like Beau Dommage, Roch Voisine, Patrick Bruel and even Céline Dion! The FFO doesn’t just showcase artists originally from Canada, either – performers trace their roots to communities in North America, Europe, Africa and all throughout the Francophonie.

This year, the FFO’s program schedule promises to deliver some of the most engaging and exciting live acts that the festival has seen in its history! Spread out across three days, each day of the festival features a selection of programming dedicated to a particular theme, ranging from celebrating various genres to different French-speaking locales around the world. Attendees can expect a truly eclectic mix of sounds from many varied walks of life, all united in a love of their langue maternelle! Not to mention, the FFO is hosted in Major’s Hill Park, allowing guests’ viewing experience to be complemented by the Park’s breathtaking scenery. What better way to enjoy a concert than in grassy fields overlooked by Parliament Hill, and the National Gallery of Canada while overlooking the Ottawa River?

The FFO attracts talent and audiences representing the farthest reaches of the Francophonie and always delivers an eclectic mix of unforgettable performances. (Image: Festival Franco-Ontarien)

Who will be at Festival Franco-Ontarien?

Every year, FFO goes above and beyond to book talent that showcases the very best that French culture has to offer – and this year is no different! Check out the full program schedule here!

June 13: Afro-Caribbean Night
June 14: Hip-Hop and Rap Vibes
June 15: Eclectic Pop Night
Each night of performances at FFO are centered around a specific musical theme and feature a lineup of world-class acts such as Kaïn and Mehdi Cayenne. (Images: Kaïn / Mehdi Cayenne)

You might think that you need to be French in order to fully appreciate the festival, but nothing could be further from the truth! The FFO has long prided itself as being an opportunity not just for Francophones to celebrate French culture amongst themselves, but also as a chance for those new to French to learn about and experience the culture as well. In fact, the FFO is proud to offer a special “School Matinee” on Friday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m!

FFO features programming for younger audiences and their families as well! (Image: Festival Franco-Ontarien)

How can I get into Festival Franco-Ontarien?

You can purchase your tickets to FFO either upon your arrival at the front gate or online in advance; a link to the online box office is available here. Tickets are certain to sell out fast, so grab yours soon!

Make sure you also include some time before and/or after the festival to walk around Ottawa’s Original Downtown and check out some of the incredible stores, restaurants and other fascinating businesses in the area. Take a look at our Directory to help you plan your visit!

Guests of all ages can enjoy additional activities and visit on-site vendors without having to leave the festival grounds. (Image: Festival Franco-Ontarien)

📍 Major’s Hill Park

📅 June 13-15

Regular Programming: 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. (doors open @ 5:00 p.m.)

Matinee Programming: 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

📞 (613) 321-0102