On-Set: Cinematography
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DARC’s Cinematography workshop is a 4-day intensive dive into what it means to be a cinematographer, bringing a director’s vision to life through relevant visual design and the language of cinematography. Through case studies, hands-on demonstration in studio, and group work on location we put these theories into practice and explore approaches at multiple budget levels.

This intermediate-level workshop is suitable for people with basic knowledge of camera work who are looking to further develop their skills as a cinematographer. It is designed for those who want to improve their use of the camera in visual storytelling and learn more about lighting and operating.


Session 1: Saturday, May 13, 10am-4pm

Session 2: Sunday, May 14, 10am-4pm

Session 3: Saturday, May 20, 10am-4pm

Session 4: Sunday, May 21, 10am-4pm

Participants will need access to:

All equipment will be provided by DARC.

Any additional materials will be sent in advance via email.

All the



Digital Arts Resource Centre, 67 Nicholas Street


May 13th to May 14th from10:00AM to 4:00PM and May 20th to May 21st from 10:00AM to 4:00PM


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