Nazih Borish: Roots of Strings
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Unparalleled Oudist and natural-born musical traveler, Nazih Borish explores new artistic paths in the company of Roberto Occhipinti (double bass) and Joseph Khoury (percussion).  Roots of Strings is a meeting between three virtuosos from different musical traditions who develop an original dialogue. The composer and musician Nazih Borish’s fingers dance on the strings of the oud to tell us, in his own language, his unique story.

Self-taught musician and recognized virtuoso of the oud, Nazih Borish founded his own school in his hometown of Lattakia, Syria.

He draws his influences from Arabic music, flamenco, blues and jazz, which has allowed him to develop a style of play that pushes the limits of his instrument.

He is now pursuing his career in Canada as a performer and composer alongside friends and a new family of musicians.

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National Arts Centre, 1 Elgin Street, Fourth Stage


April 15th at 8:30 PM EDT


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