Let’s Dance: Family Adventures with the NAC Orchestra
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For children 5+ and the whole family

Electrifying performers, spectacular choreography, and the NAC Orchestra – You’ll be dancing in the aisles.

All over the world people move to music, through movement we tell our stories and express our emotions. Come experience some of the world’s best dance music including ballet, hip-hop, Irish step dance, Latin and Chinese dance, and much, much more.

Let’s Dance is an interactive multi-disciplinary experience that showcases how different people around the world show expression through dance. Hear your National Arts Centre Orchestra and see the dancers as we move and play our way through some of the world’s best dance music.

C’mon, Let’s Dance!

All the



National Arts Centre, 1 Elgin Street, 3:30 PM EDT


April 29th at 3:30 PM EDT


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