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Le rendu features the work of five University of Ottawa Master of Fine Arts (MFA) graduates who expanded their practice over the two years of their program and ultimately flourished. The works presented here are a testament to the rigorous artistic practice of Madeline Richards, Neeko Paluzzi, Maxime Boisvert-Huneault, Antoine O’Donoughue and Joel Secter in the creative “laboratories” of their studio space. Here, we celebrate the achievements of these artists and welcome dialogue, exchange, and curiosity when viewing their work.

The group title Le rendu—“the rendering”— was selected by the artists and holds multiple meanings. In this exhibition, the word render and its possible definitions are a lens through which to view the artworks. To render could mean to express in form, to cause or to become, to interpret, to pass down, or to give back. Thematically, the artworks in this exhibition are united by the artists’ exploration of critical artistic subjectivity and active interpretations of traditional methods of representation. The artists test the possibilities of their subject matter through diverse media and apply theoretical, historical, and personal frameworks to achieve works with layered narratives.

Le rendu is a collaborative exhibition, where curators and artists worked together to build an experience that best reflects not only the rigour of each artist’s distinct practice, but also the warm relationship they share.

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Ottawa Art Gallery 10 Daly Ave, Ottawa, ON


March 4th to June 11th, 2023



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