KLANG: Generative Music Production
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Digital Arts Resource Centre is excited to be partnering with DreamLab to deliver a series of music production workshops for Ottawa Drone Day, an annual celebration of drone, community, and experimental sound.

KLANG is an online workshop that looks into the basics of generative music production using Ableton Live’s built-in devices and effects (including some of Max for Live’s default devices in Ableton). Join techno DJ, producer, and visual artist Golbon Moltaji as she guides us through the process of creating a generative music composition. In this workshop we’ll use Ableton Live’s instruments and effects to set up a series of behaviours and rules for our music to follow. By defining which parameters we want to alter, we can have our music exist and evolve in an ever-changing state. These rules can vary depending on what parameters we want to control, such as adding randomness to our tempo or controlling the intensity of an effect.

Generative music can be a practical way to achieve variety in sound design. It’s also useful for performing in live events such as Drone Day. Often performers do not necessarily seek to play “music” but to prepare soundscapes and ambiences that can elevate the audience’s interest, give a peek into the artists’ conceptual work, or, just run on its own so that the artist has the ability to handle multiple tasks such as fidgeting with visuals or playing a physical instrument. This method can also be used for making stimulating sounds and events when trying to build a track from scratch.

An intermediate level of familiarity with Ableton Live and sound design in electronic music is recommended, but beginner Ableton users and electronic music producers are encouraged to drop in as well.


Single Session: Saturday, May 27, 2pm-4pm


Computer with headphones or speakers

Ableton Live 10 or 11 trial or full version (download here)

Zoom account (Register here)

All the



Online Workshop


May 27th from 2:00PM to 4:00PM


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