Is God Is
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Is God Is


An NAC presentation of the Obsidian Theatre, Necessary Angel, Canadian Stage production.

Curated by Black Theatre Workshop.

Twin sisters Anaia and Racine are on a quest for peace. And they are willing to kill for it.

She is a God to her twins, Anaia and Racine — a god of vengeance. And She will only be satisfied when their daddy is very, very dead.

The sisters are sent on a quest from the South to a sleepy California desert city to fulfill their mother’s command. And the secrets that set fire to their family ties are revealed, allowing us to understand and experience satisfaction through sacrifice, and relief through revenge.

Is God Is is a dark, award-winning tragicomedy that channels Tarantino as much as Sophocles, driven by our sweet, spiteful heroines who are both victims, and vigilantes.

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National Arts Centre, 1 Elgin St, Babs Asper Theatre


February 9th to February 18th, 2023, see showtimes


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