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You used to call me Marie…

June 12‑16

Arts & Entertainment

An epic Métis love story. A love story, a historical epic, and a celebration of Métis song and dance, You used to call me Marie… brings to life the stories of the Callihoo women in Alberta. Music fills the air, and ponies dance as Marie Callihoo's story unfolds through generations and time. We follow Iskwewo, Napew, and Mistatim ('horse' in Michif) in eight intertwined love stories as the Métis Nation rises across the plains. Experiencing the love stories of Alberta's Métis women—through tales of the fur trade, governance, and organizing from the 1930s to today—we see the generations of Callihoo women emerge. Don't miss this beautiful new play featuring era-spanning dance and live music, from French fiddle to contemporary country!


You used to call me Marie…



National Arts Centre
1 Elgin Street
Babs Asper Theatre


Event Date: June 12‑16


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