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Social Tango Project

July 24‑25 @7:30pm ‑ 8:30pm

Arts & Entertainment

Tango fascinates and touches people of all backgrounds and generations. Founded and based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Social Tango Project’s mission is to share the social value of dance, celebrating the tango community through performance, music and film. The company invites tango lovers to experience a real evening to the rhythm of this popular dance so closely linked to Argentina, in the intimacy of a milonga recreated here by multidisciplinary choreographer Agustina Videla from Buenos Aires. Dance, music, projections and documentary film combine to create an authentic, immersive experience!


Social Tango Project



National Arts Centre
1 Elgin Street
Babs Asper Theatre


Event Date: July 24‑25 @7:30pm ‑ 8:30pm


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