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Sandrine Masse

June 6 @12:10pm

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Sandrine Masse started her career as a violist of classical background. Her love for folk, prog rock and traditional music brought her to collaborate with artists and collectives of diverse genres and from around the globe, as a violist, back-up singer and composer. Holding a diploma from L'École nationale de la chanson and having won First prize and People's Choice award in the songwriting contest Chante en français, Sandrine releases in 2022 a first EP, L'ours noir, that blends folk, traditional rhythms and alt-rock. Her songs make us travel through atmospheres of timeless soundscapes, that weave into stories she tells from her perspective as a Wendat and Québecoise artist.


Sandrine Masse



National Arts Centre
1 Elgin Street
Peter A. Herrndorf Place


Event Date: June 6 @12:10pm



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