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Quand tu me regardes Theatrical dance for wheelchairs

December 16‑17, 2023 @3:00pm

Arts & Entertainment

When you see a wheelchair, what comes to your mind? These three all-terrain performers see it as an amazing vehicle with endless play possibilities. You’ll even get a quick course in taking wheelchairs apart, and witness a balancing act on wheels between the reigning champion and a formidable contender. Arranged like a joyful string of theatrical pearls, this tender and playful show for dancers and objects draws us into a universe where bodies are often in unison, but where each one reveals itself and tells its own story through movement. In a word, it’s the story of a brilliant dancer with a disability, and of people who share, for the duration of a dance, all the fragility and beauty of being oneself. Together.


Quand tu me regardes Theatrical dance for wheelchairs



National Arts Centre
1 Elgin Street
Azrieli Studio


Event Date: December 16‑17, 2023 @3:00pm


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