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Petr Cancura with Charlie Hunter & Scott Amendola

June 26 @6:30pm

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Petr Cancura and Charlie Hunter have teamed up for two albums with a like-minded passion for grooves, melody and authentic music making. The first is Don’t Let It Stop!, a trio album with Geoff Clapp on drums and most recently, MOD CONS, an album inspired to recapture the heart and soul of 1940’s and 50’s rock ‘n roll is a trio endeavor with Memphis drummer George Sluppick, the new band member of the legendary Robert Cray Band. For this exclusive concert Petr Cancura and Charlie Hunter will be joined by San Francisco drummer Scott Amendola.


Petr Cancura with Charlie Hunter & Scott Amendola



National Arts Centre
1 Elgin Street
Fourth Stage


Event Date: June 26 @6:30pm


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