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OCEANS AND Time Berne – Aurora Nealand – Hank Roberts

June 21 @6:30pm

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Tim Berne is a composer, saxophonist, band-leader and educator specializing in jazz and improvised music. A tour de force on this scene, he has been performing internationally since 1982 with various ensembles including, most recently, Snakeoil and Sun Of Goldfinger. He has made over 50 recordings as a leader for labels such as Soul Note,Sony,JMT, ECM and Intakt, while simultaneously running his own independent label Screwgun Records. He has taught extensively since the late 90s and given workshops around the world and is the recipient of many international awards and residencies. Aurora Nealand is a sound artist and multi-instrumentalist (saxophones, accordion, voice) Since moving to New Orleans in 2004 she has become a prominent force in both the traditional and non-traditional music scene working in bands such as The Royal Roses, The Monocle Ensemble, Redrawblak Trio, and the Instigation Orchestra. She is equally at home on the stages of concert halls and festivals around the world, playing music in the streets and clubs of New Orleans, or touring in crammed vans to squat houses. She is also an educator, and has been awarded several residencies across the US. Over his nearly four-decade career, Hank Roberts has forged a compelling original voice as a cellist and composer, encompassing jazz influences, abstract improvisation, soulful folk melodies, intricate new-music compositions and vigorous rock songs. Initially making his name on New York’s downtown scene in the 80s alongside such frequent collaborators as Bill Frisell, Tim Berne, Marc Ribot and John Zorn, he is now considered a major innovator as a cellist, and band-leader and recording artist in his own right. Currently he is a member of Bill Frisell’s Harmony group and performs regularly with his own sextet.


OCEANS AND Time Berne – Aurora Nealand – Hank Roberts



National Arts Centre
1 Elgin Street
Fourth Stage


Event Date: June 21 @6:30pm


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