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Music on the Canal – LeFLOFRANCO

July 20 @4:30pm ‑ 6:00pm

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Ottawa artist of the #RapFrancoCan scene, LeFLOFRANCO offers a sound filled with high vibrations accompanied by lyrics full of emotion. Seeking to push the hip-hop scene to new heights, he describes his style as “multicolored urban pop.” FLO wants to bring a multi-dimensional perspective to what can sometimes be dark. In terms of production, he seeks to take his audience on a journey from modern HipHop such as TRAP, to Electro to Caribbean sounds such as Soca, Reggae-Fusion, and the music of his Haitian origins; kompa. As for the lyrics, they tend to dive into various themes to explore the emotions attached to them, while sharing FLO’s aspirations, his perspective, and throwing a bit of light on his personal life.


Music on the Canal – LeFLOFRANCO



National Arts Centre
1 Elgin Street
Along the Rideau Canal


Event Date: July 20 @4:30pm ‑ 6:00pm



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