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September 13‑14, 2023

Arts & Entertainment

Road show of a world turned upside down In the aftermath of an epidemic that has decimated almost an entire population, survivors wander in search of a better world. Eric and Zoé, brother and sister, have left their town and embarked on a long and perilous journey to the United States in search of their father. But many dangers lurk along the way: they’re being followed by an unpredictable young woman armed with a rifle, and a mysterious and visionary man trying to find his place in this New World. Presented as a staged reading at Zones Théâtrales 2017, this thriller by award-winning playwright Mishka Lavigne acquires a whole new relevance in this post-pandemic era. Backed by a soundscape developed in collaboration with Transistor Média, Éric Perron’s pared-down staging gives free rein to the text’s allusive character. Murs questions what is left of our humanity when civilization collapses. Powerful and luminous. Accessibility is limited for this venue.





University of Ottawa
75 Laurier Ave E
Academic Hall


Event Date: September 13‑14, 2023


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