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Mats Gustafsson – THE END

May 25 @9:00pm

Arts & Entertainment

The members of the group have experience from work in a huge variety of creative music ensembles over the past years: Cloroform, Møster, The Thing, Fire! & Fire! Orchestra, Ultralyd, MoHa, Sonic Youth, Refused, Paavo, Datarock, The Core, Noxact, NU- ensemble, Brutal Blues and many other essential groups within the contemporary creative music scene of today. THE END is a serious attempt to create new perspectives of contemporary experimental music – where elements of noise, melodies and layers of extreme energy can interact with the different backgrounds and experiences of the musicians and their work in genres as Free Jazz, Noise, Alternative Rock, Free Improvised Music, Contemporary Music, Opera, Scandinavian Folk, Grindcore, Jazz and related activities!


Mats Gustafsson – THE END



National Arts Centre
1 Elgin Street


Event Date: May 25 @9:00pm


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