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September 28‑30, 2023

Arts & Entertainment

Marie Brassard’s approach is rooted in her unshakeable faith in the creative power of the actor. For L’ombre, at the invitation of Mani Soleymanlou, she has brought together nine luminous performers, all recent theatre school graduates, and assembled a team of outstanding designers. She guides them on an exhilarating theatrical adventure through the imaginary dimensions of the stage, of stories, and of existence. In a century that sometimes overvalues clarity, precision and beliefs, this show is a tribute to ambiguity, uncertainty and doubt. Marie Brassard has offered this promising collective a rich exploration space where ideas and images can emerge, free and unfettered, gradually shaping a parallel universe. And though this quest is driven by the vigorous experience of youth, the journey may ultimately produce a mythology rich in divinities and chimeras that leads us back to the living source of the oldest stories. For throughout the ages, theatre is that shadowy territory where spectres, dreams and impossibilities speak again and return our gaze.





National Arts Centre
1 Elgin Street
Babs Asper Theatre


Event Date: September 28‑30, 2023


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