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Logan Staats

June 20 @12:10pm

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Mohawk folk and soul musician Logan Staats began as a diamond in the rough on the streets of Brantford, Ontario. He played the local circuit for years before his 2015 debut release Goodbye Goldia, an unvarnished yet hard-hitting folk album. He went on to win CTV’s The Launch in 2018, gaining commercial success and touring across North America and Europe. But traveling the world can really open your eyes to what's going on right at home, and the fight for indigenous sovereignty has become a focal point for Staats in recent years. It all intermingles with the music; the passion, the rage, the love, and most of all the healing. He's making road trippin' music for those traveling 'the red road'; a path towards reconnecting and relearning indigenous ways. This is the philosophy behind his sophomore album A Light In The Attic, released in 2023 - these songs are a healing salve, contemplatively composed and offered to listeners in need of comfort. Nowadays, he is busy at work recording his next album in Nashville.


Logan Staats



National Arts Centre
1 Elgin Street
Peter A, Herrrndorf Place


Event Date: June 20 @12:10pm



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