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Latin Fiesta with Miguel de Armas & Friends

July 6, 2023 @6:30pm

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Live, from the Canal Showboat is renowned Cuban pianist Miguel de Armas whose rich and sophisticated musical heritage, gleaned over many years of study, performance, and creation has brought him international acclaim. He is joined by five local musicians that will bring a spicy Latin Fiesta, including salsa, merengue, and many other Latin hit songs. As the Showboat weaves down the Rideau Canal, Latin Fiesta with Miguel de Armas & friends will bring their massive repertoire and expertise in the Latin genre to the canal of Ottawa. The concert will begin at the Paul’s Boat Line docks located on the Rideau Canal outside the NAC, under the Rideau Street Bridge. The boat will arrive at Dow’s Lake approximately 45 minutes later and then return back. The entire trip is 90 minutes, and the concert will take place on the boat while it is moving.

Tips for enjoying this concert on the Canal

We recommend you find a spot along the canal, not at the starting point at the NAC, where you will be able to hear the boat as it approaches and then continues down the canal. Bring a picnic to your favourite canalside spot and enjoy the music as it passes by. If you want more than a glimpse, you can cycle along to keep up as the boat moves faster than a walking pace.
Latin Fiesta with Miguel de Armas & Friends



Latin Fiesta with Miguel de Armas & Friends
Along the Rideau Canal


Event Date: July 6, 2023 @6:30pm



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