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J’appelle chez nous

September 13‑15, 2023

Arts & Entertainment

This year, the Zones Théâtrales in partnership with the Association des groupes en arts visuels francophones (AGAVF) are hosting an event at Club SAW to experience the installation J’appelle chez nous by artist Geronimo Inutiq. This project recalls the atmosphere of a kitchen in the Far North with the presence of a radio broadcasting a program bringing together capsules produced by the artist and inspired by Inuit community radio programs. This will be available from September 13 to 15. An initiative of AGAVF in collaboration with SAW's Nordic Lab and the Alliance des radios communautaires, NAC Indigenous Theater and Zones Théâtrales. Créer des liens entre les communautés à travers l’art contemporain is funded by Canadian Heritage.


J’appelle chez nous



Club SAW
67 Nicholas Street


Event Date: September 13‑15, 2023



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