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Intro to Glitch Art with TouchDesigner

September 14‑21, 2023

History & Education, Workshops

Join us for "Intro to Glitch Art," a two-part workshop on the history and aesthetics of glitch art! This workshop will explore glitch art as a creative medium for producing captivating visual anomalies and unexpected results. We'll start with a practical overview of TouchDesigner, a powerful programming software, that will allow us to explore various techniques such as data bending, pixel sorting, and datamoshing. We'll then move on to experiment with real-time manipulation of images and videos to generate creative works. By the end of the workshop, attendees will be well equipped with the necessary knowledge and tools to begin their own glitch projects. Please Note: Desktop computers will be provided for participants to use but you may bring your own laptop and receive a discounted workshop rate if you prefer. Workshop time will not permit the instructor to troubleshoot hardware or software issues on your laptop. Instructor: Najeeba Ahmed (she/they) is an artist and a creative technologist based in so-called “Ottawa”. With a multi-disciplinary degree double majoring in Biology and Visual Arts from the University of Ottawa, they have a complementary range of experiences in laboratories, in education, NGOs, and studios across Canada and Asia. Najeeba’s artistic practice is currently centered around uncovering the tensions between technology, identity, consumerism and community through the lens of bio-art, generative art, XR, speculative design, and textile art. They are a natural tinkerer who is always curious about possibilities of design and craft technologies through experimentation and exploration. You may find their work through their pseudonym Ajeeb Sir. You can learn more about the Digital Arts Resource Centre's "Intro to Glitch Art" workshop  by clicking here. More events in Ottawa's Original Downtown can be viewed here.  


Intro to Glitch Art with TouchDesigner



Digital Arts Resource Centre
67 Nicholas Street


Event Date: September 14‑21, 2023


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