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Flore Laurentienne

February 29 @8:00pm

Arts & Entertainment

Mathieu David Gagnon has been working for a long time in the shadow of many remarkable projects as an arranger, orchestrator, musical director and a producer. While continuing to skillfully juggle other people's projects, he secretly followed up on an inspiration of his own and, after several months of work, Mathieu David Gagnon was finally ready to share his work, Flore Laurentienne, Vol. 1. It's difficult to describe this project in a few words. This strangely natural marriage between the string orchestra and the synthesizers of the 60's and 70's is declined over eight pieces, which transport us sometimes on the Saint-Laurent, sometimes in a memory. It's an awakening to beauty and above all, an ode to contemplation.


Flore Laurentienne



National Arts Centre
1 Elgin Street
Azrieli Studio


Event Date: February 29 @8:00pm


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