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Elle Sofe Sara Vástádus eana / The answer is land

February 28 @7:00pm

Arts & Entertainment

Our interpersonal relationships and our connection to nature are the main themes of Vástádus eana / The answer is land. The piece is performed by seven female dancers with very different histories, who give the work a whole different colour through their life experiences, their bodies and their voices. In order to do justice to her creation, Elle Sofe Sara, an Indigenous Sámi choreographer from Norway, took a deep dive into the intentions behind the movements, the glances and the artists’ stage presence. The choreography is inspired by demonstrations, Sami spiritual practices, and group dance (dance formations). Supporting the work throughout, the polyphonic joik (a traditional style of Sami singing) that accompanies the choreography was written especially for the show by composer and joik instructor Frode Fjellheim, best known as the composer of the 2002 song "Eatnemen Vuelie", which was later adapted to become the opening musical number of Frozen.


Elle Sofe Sara Vástádus eana / The answer is land



National Arts Centre
1 Elgin Street
Babs Asper Theatre


Event Date: February 28 @7:00pm


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