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Duo Lijbaart Brederode

June 28 @9:00pm

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Wolfert Brederode and Joost Lijbaart are a renowned musical duo in the European jazz scene, known for their innovative, and emotive performances. Brederode is a Dutch jazz pianist with a distinctive style that blends elements of classical music with contemporary jazz improvisation. Lijbaart, also from the Netherlands, is a highly skilled drummer and percussionist who brings a dynamic energy to their collaborations. With his large set up he participates rhymically and melodically in their improvisations. Together, Brederode and Lijbaart have formed a musical partnership for 25 years that explores a wide range of emotions and textures. Their performances often feature intricate interplay between piano and drums, showcasing their deep musical connection and improvisational prowess.


Duo Lijbaart Brederode



National Arts Centre
1 Elgin Street
Fourth Stage


Event Date: June 28 @9:00pm


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