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David Laflèche

March 9 @8:00pm

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It was in 2016, in the cradle of country music, Nashville, that David Laflèche began writing and composing what would become his first album. The melodies came naturally, and he felt inspired and connected to his art in ideal conditions. He had no specific goal, no commission, and no urgency to compose an opus. Accompanied by Marie-Mai on his artistic journey, David left himself open to inspiration, strummed chords, and took advantage of the city to make new contacts. They included Mando Saenz and Derik Hultquist, who put fragments of his life into words—intense lyrics that evoke depression and death, but also love and happy childhood memories. It wasn’t until 2019 that David approached Connor Seidel to finalize and produce the tracks that would become Everyday Son. Thanks to the instrumentals recorded in Nashville, David found his voice and the right emotion. He and Connor assembled and produced the album, which was mixed by Joe Costa and mastered by Pete Lyman in Nashville before being released in spring 2021.


David Laflèche



National Arts Centre
1 Elgin Street
Fourth Stage


Event Date: March 9 @8:00pm


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