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Albertine en Cinq Temps – The Opera

November 10, 2023 @7:30pm

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Albertine at 70 years old remembers. At the age of 30, she suspected that the immensity of the sky would not be able to contain her rage. The archetypal Quebec Catholic mother from a working-class environment before the Quiet Revolution, she gives the audience a front-row seat to her life by revisiting key moments in her life, like so many dramatic strings from a bygone era. This first opera in joual lends a lyrical voice to the famous play Albertine en cinq temps by Michel Tremblay. Six female singers and five female musicians will bring to life this spellbinding music by composer Catherine Major on a libretto by Collectif de la Lune Rouge, directed by Nathalie Deschamps.


Albertine en Cinq Temps – The Opera



National Arts Centre
1 Elgin Street
Babs Asper Theatre


Event Date: November 10, 2023 @7:30pm


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