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Ainsi passe la chair

September 14‑16, 2023

Arts & Entertainment

Love letter from a daughter to her father.  Through headphones, you’re invited to follow a fictitious conversation, based on old recordings, between the actor and her father. From behind a large translucent frame, Sara Moisan paints, draws, and manipulates a small puppet, objects, and materials. Through an inventive projection system, she constructs an aesthetic universe inspired by the works of Gatien Moisan. The creator not only pays tribute to her father’s work with her precious testimony, but she also questions our relationship with death, the act of creating, and the traces it leaves behind. Enhanced by the unique audio/stage device, which provides an effect of closeness and a feeling of collective sharing, this intimate experience has universal resonance.


Ainsi passe la chair



University of Ottawa
75 Laurier Ave E
Studio Léonard-Beaulne


Event Date: September 14‑16, 2023


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